2012 Bowman Chrome Box Break And Giveaway

I didn’t want to wait around for the campaign to be funded before giving away some newer cards, so I grabbed a box of 2012 Bowman Chrome and did a box break (seen below). I’ll be giving away everything but the commons right now, so watch for some new stuff every 2-3 days. If the site gets enough traffic and/or the campaign is funded, we’ll do one every day, so please Like, Share, and tell friends and other collectors.

2012 Bowman Chrome Box Break

Above are all of the autos, refractors, and a few other good cards from the box break. Below is a video of the break.

The Campaign

The Indiegogo funding campaign is now live. Please take a moment to view it and share the link. It’ll really help make this a reality.

Watch this space for the upcoming site and more information.


Early Giveaways Coming Soon

If enough people share or contribute, I’ll start the giving early so everyone can see how it’ll work. Check back often to this page or the campaign site to see when it happens.